Privacy Policy

Our commitment: protecting your personal data.

We collect and process personal information when you use the Monico app or site. We value your ability to control the data you share to us. This Privacy Policy tells you how we collect, store, process and protect your personal data.

This Privacy Policy considers the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (R.A. 10173), the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), their Implementing Rules and Regulations, and the laws of the Philippines and Singapore.

Personal Information is any information that can be used to identify, distinguish, or contact you. This includes your name, phone number, email address, billing information, ID number, device model, location, or other data that is specific to you.

Who is covered by this Privacy Policy?

If you visit a site running services provided by Monico, or download and install the Monico app, this Privacy Policy applies to you.

Why do we collect Personal Information?

We want to make sure you can safely and legally use our platform. We use the personal information we collect to give you a secure, efficient, and bespoke experience. When necessary, relevant, and reasonable, we may collect, use, process, and look at your personal information to:

We’ll ask for your consent before using your Personal Information in a way that isn’t covered by this Privacy Policy.

When we can, we aggregate and anonymize information. We remove any personally identifiable information and present data as categories. We do this so that you are never identified as an individual. Any information processed in this way is not considered personal information.

What Personal Information is collected and for what purpose?

Analytics information when you use our services

Whenever you visit the Monico website, use the Monico app, or use Monico services on another app or website, we collect information sent to us by the device you use to access our platform. This may include your IP address, device information (for example, the device name and type, operating system, system language, and browser type,) location, and pages you accessed on our website. We use this information to improve and optimize your experience based on what device you have and where you are located. We may also use your information to filter token offers displayed to you based on your geographic location.

Contact information when you contact us for assistance

On the Monico app and website you have the opportunity to ask us questions through the email form, chat, and other contact methods provided. We may ask for your contact information (e.g. name, email address, phone number, location, etc.) when you get in touch with us. We use this information only in connection to answering your query.

If you receive emails from us, we may use analytics tools to capture data about when the email is opened or when a link in the email is clicked. This data helps us measure how effective our communications and marketing campaigns are.

Personal information to verify your Monico account

When you run the Monico app after a new installation, or when you run the app after clearing app data, we generate a unique and random device ID associated to your device on our server. This device ID is used to identify you on all transactions on the Monico app.

Before allowing you to make transactions on Monico, we may require you to provide additional personal information. This information is used to verify your identity or manage risk. If you choose to verify your account, we may ask for your name, phone number, email address, Facebook and Linkedin profile URLs, home address, citizenship, and identification card images. As detailed in this Privacy Policy, your information will only be used to facilitate, verify, and secure your transactions, or provide you with other services you have signed up for.

We may ask you to provide us access to personal information stored on other third parties (for example, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.) We will only have access to information you choose to provide from those platforms based on the privacy settings you set. By associating an account managed by a third party with your Monico account, and by authorizing Monico to access your personal information on that account, you agree that Monico may collect, store, and use your information according to this Privacy Policy.

Activity details when you transact on Monico

When you buy or sell on Monico, or perform other activities on our platform, we may collect information about your transactions. This information includes time and date of the transaction, your name, IP address of your device, sender and receiver cryptocurrency wallet public addresses, and transaction amounts. This is in accordance with our fraud prevention and anti-money laundering measures.

We may also collect information about how you use and interact with the Monico app or website to prevent, identify, or mitigate malicious or suspicious behavior. For example, we may look at connection logs for indications of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. We may also evaluate your access devices for any indication of malicious software that may affect your security on the Monico platform or the availability of Monico services.

How we share your Private Information

We use several trusted third-party service providers for certain data processing, data storage, data analysis, and fraud prevention tasks. We use these service providers based on their high data protection and security standards. We only share to them information that is required to perform their service. Any information shared with them is treated confidentially and used only to facilitate your transaction.

We may share personal information with partner financial institutions that require information about you and your transactions when using their services.

We may share your personal information with law enforcement agencies, government agencies and/or officials, or other third parties. We will do this when we are compelled to do so by a subpoena, court order, or a similar court procedure. We may also disclose your personal information if we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to prevent financial or physical harm.

Other companies may sign up for our service and perform token sales on our platform. If you participate in a token sale, we may share your personal information with these companies to facilitate the transaction, send announcements about the company’s token sale, and comply with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules that the company is subject to. These companies are not allowed to use this information for any purpose without your express consent. Please note that companies will have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies, and Monico cannot be held responsible for their operations, including but not limited to, their information practices.

We will never sell or rent your personal information to third parties. We will only share your information with third parties as described in this Privacy Policy. We will only share your personal information for purposes beyond what is described in this Privacy Policy with your explicit consent. If there is an actionable breach of your personal information, we will notify you within seventy-two (72) hours.

How we secure your private information

Your private information is processed by Monico, a platform built by Sterling Openovate Corporation (doing business as Sterling Tech) in the Philippines. We store and process your personal information in cloud servers and computers located in the Philippines, Singapore, the United States, and elsewhere in the world where Monico and its service providers are located.

Your personal data is protected with a mix of electronic, physical, and procedural safeguards. Your private keys are stored exclusively on your access devices. Our servers use firewalls, data encryption, and user access controls to electronically safeguard our systems. We also audit and test our systems and policies regularly to ensure protection of your data. We enforce physical security controls to our premises and files. Access to your personal information is restricted to personnel that require it in their work responsibilities. Our corporate and physical structure allows us to limit and audit personnel authorized to access, view, analyze, and manage your data. Third party service providers are regularly vetted to ensure compliance with our internal data privacy and information security standards.

How you can manage your personal information

Certain rights are provided to you under the law. These include the right to access your data, to object to your data being processed, to change inaccurate information, and the right to erase or delete your data. Should you wish to access your personal information, change inaccurate or incomplete information about you, or completely opt out of this Privacy Policy, you may get in touch with our data privacy officer at [email protected] We cannot provide, change, or delete any data that we store about you in behalf of another party. Your Monico account also allows you to review your personal information. You can visit the “Profile” tab on the Monico app to view and edit your personal information at any time.

If you wish to close your Monico account, you may contact our data privacy officer through [email protected] We will mark your account as closed, but retain transaction and account information for a maximum period of five (5) years after account closure, in accordance with Philippine AML laws and regulations, as they might be amended from time to time. If you close your account, your personal information will not be used by us for any other purpose, nor sold or shared with third parties, except as necessary to prevent fraud, as required by law, or in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

How we will let you know of changes to this policy?

The contents of this Privacy Policy may change from time to time, as the platform implements feature enhancements. The latest version of this policy will govern our practices for collecting, processing, storing, and disclosing private information. We will provide notice of any modifications by posting a written notice on our website.

If you have a Monico account, we will also notify you of any material modifications to this Privacy Policy through email if you have subscribed to email communications. This will be sent to the email address associated to your Monico account.

All changes to this Privacy Policy automatically take effect thirty (30) calendar days after the changes are initially posted on the site, or opting in when prompted when you use the site and/or its services. Your use of the app, website, and/or services provided by Monico following the effectivity date of any changes in this Privacy Policy means that you accept this Privacy Policy and its changes.

Do you have questions about our Privacy Policy?

If you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, you may contact our Data Privacy Officer at [email protected]